Plan B is James van Leuven + guests. Plan B began as a side project in 2001 when James was still drumming in the noise punk group Automaton (Pacifico) and riot punk act The Sub Debs (K Records). Plan B has since released 2 eps and 1 full length, several remixes, soundtracks and made the music for a dozen hip hop dance productions. The sound of Plan B music is a blend of live playing and remixing using influences from many genres of music, most notably hip hop with an indie taste. It could be viewed more as a production project than a band. James continues to experiment with new technology and continues to discover old technology, all of which is blended into his songs.

The first EP, "Like a Ship Sailing" (Luckyhorse Industries, U.S. 2001), introduced the Plan B sound to the world, with van Leuven's supporting solo performances often punctuated by forays into the crowd for break dancing to his own output.

Acclaim from that EP sent James and crew touring around the world, including a long stint in France, where he then released the second EP "Keepsake" (Ggoo22, France 2003), where he began experimenting with female vocalist Krista Warden and string instruments. This continued upon James' Seattle return, when he started working with cellist Brent Arnold and Jen Kozel and later with Sarah Standard, often adopting the "Plan B with mini-orchestra" moniker as their ranks grew. Plan B also joined up with fourthcity about this time. Plan B eventually released these recordings on their first full length album, "I'm The Captain, Where We Going?" (Fourthcity Records, Seattle, WA, 2006). On “...Where We Going?” James collaborated with a very talented cast of musicians from Seattle: Violinist Sarah Standard(ex-Carissa’s Weird), Cellist Brent Arnold(Modest Mouse, Built to Spill), Jen Kozel(Elliot Smith, Built to Spill), Standup Bassist Leigh Gable, Trumpeter Bill Jones(Boogie Brown Band), Vocalist Krista Warden, Cellist Serena Imago(Mum),Vocalist Amy Blaschke and Turntablist Andy Sells(FCS North).

In 2007 James made the soundtrack for the feature length documentary film "Un Poquito De Tanta Verdad" for director Jill Freidburg. The theme song for this film was released in 2010 as a digital single through Brushed Golden.

In 2010 James released another single called "Crow's Nest" through Brushed Golden. It is an instrumental hip hop remake of the big band composer Artie Shaw's song Nightmare. James plays live MPC on the song and remixed from a vinyl 7" of the song.

James has moved back to Seattle and is working on a new album for a new project with John Atkins(764-Hero, Hush Harbor).

Plan B Video - Double Crossin Little Rat! by Patrick Volve


Plan B - Like a Ship Sailing
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Plan B - Im The Captain, Where We Going?
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Plan B - Digan La Verdad
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Plan B - Crow's Nest
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Truckasauras - Tea Parties, Guns and Valor
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May 27th, 2008

V/A - Butter
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