variform, aka peter schott, was born & raised in boise, idaho. he's a raging sagitarius & a health-conscious semi-vegitarian who enjoys the occasional cigarette.

fct: when did you start getting into music?

vfm: i started cutting tapes together, sounds from movies, sounds i recorded, etc when i was 14. there was this girl i liked who was into stuff like that - she was the reason i was like 'i can do that.' i gave her the first thing i made, & we eventually hooked up. it was around that same age that frank cherry, a dishwasher at my father's restaurant, introduced me to 'quality' electronic music. i got into visual art quite a bit before that; i drew constantly from 3rd grade on up. i personally believe that all the arts are connected, & i definitely feel that my early fascination with visual arts directly precipitated my later love affair with music.

fct: who are your main musical inspirations?

vfm: aphex twin, dj shadow, future sound of london. i listen to a lot of stuff, so i've got a lot of 'em, but those are the artists that affected me early on.

fct: if you could choose anyone to work with, who would it be?

vfm: i'd say aphex twin, but i'd be too scared to work with him. maybe dj shadow...

fct: what'd you think of private press, compared to entroducing?

vfm: i thought it was a beautiful progression, a succinct comment on where he's going & where people are able to go. i didn't really have any expectations for it, so i wasn't 'let down' at all. though i will say that entroducing is one of the most subtly-perfect, tasteful things that i can imagine ever being put together. i really respect his ear for music.

fct: why do you make your own music?

vfm: because it's the most emotive, kung-fu-type experience that a person can have. if i hear a melody or something in my head while walking down the street, i go home & make it accessible. it's the easiest way to express myself.

fct: your music is very emotional. do you feel any particular emotion most often while you're composing?

vfm: frustration is a huge emotion that i deal with on a daily basis. i have so many feelings at any given moment, but frustration is the force that drives me to get the music out. music is a huge learning tool for self-awareness; it's so personal. it's like a mirror into the soul. a lot of people call my music 'dark,' a lot of it has been called 'passionate' or 'sad.' most of the time it's just labeled 'emotional.'


V/A - Fourthcity Compilation 2004
Format: CD
*18 tracks
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